About us

We are a company specializing in the distribution of foodstuffs – including crystal white sugar, sunflower oil, fresh vegetables and fruits. Our business is growing rapidly so that both small and large entrepreneurs can find the necessary products that meet their requirements and preferences. Although we have managed to win the trust of our customers, we are still looking for innovative and professional solutions to ensure excellent service. We work with proven suppliers, so that the articles we offer are distinguished by freshness, naturalness and excellent taste. We specialize in wholesale, but in contact with the customer we focus on an individual approach. This allows us to learn about his needs, expectations and preferred forms of implementation. We are flexible and open to orders for products that are not listed on our website. This is because the limit of Anyfood’s offer is customer satisfaction. We take care of every detail of the services – regardless of whether these are one-time realizations or cyclical deliveries. Get to know our offer!


We specialize in the distribution and export of white sugar, sunflower oil, fresh fruits, and natural vegetables, and we can also prepare an individual offer for the delivery of foodstuffs that are of particular interest to the customer. For us there are no limits, so we are able to meet the expectations of customers from all over the world. Every stage of the order, including storage, meets all applicable standards.

Fresh fruits

Ordered and transported to Poland from Greece in compliance with safety standards. In unlimited quantities, fresh, containing valuable vitamins, fiber, potassium, etc.

Sunflower oil

Available in unlimited quantities, in one-, five- and ten-liter bottles. With a neutral odor and a wide range of uses, with quality certification.


Has a quality certificate, and we offer its supply to all customers regardless of the size of the order. Of white color, produced on the basis of fresh beets.

Fresh vegetables

Sourced from suppliers, paying attention to every detail of the crops. Stored in proper conditions and quickly delivered directly to the customer.

Why you should choose us?

Unlimited offer

We can import any food product, regardless of its quantity and the place of delivery specified by the customer – our exports cover the whole world.

Flexibility and openness

If you haven’t found the product you are interested in, don’t worry. Use our contact form and we will create a customized offer for you.


The entire distribution process – from importing, warehousing, and customer contact to order fulfillment – is supervised by a staff of experienced professionals.

Easy, quick contact

We look forward to receiving your email or phone call. You can also use the clear contact form. We will give you reliable answers to every question.


Anyfood is the highest quality foodstuffs you can trust. If you decide to make a recurring order, we guarantee continuous delivery.


We are constantly developing, and introducing innovative solutions that allow us to deliver products with the highest standards to customers from all over the world.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!